What is Guru Guide?

Guru Guide is a product discovery platform where online entrepreneurs and content creators discover courses, conferences, memberships and online tools to build, scale and grow their businesses.

User reviews are the foundation of Guru Guide to help you choose the right products to grow your knowledge and your business. Read authentic reviews of other people’s experiences to gain confidence in purchasing decisions and share your own experiences to help others in the community.

Reviews are written by actual customers and companies cannot pay to impact product ratings, reviews or rankings, however we encourage companies to read product reviews to understand their customers’ feedback and to use this information to shape products and experiences in the future.

Our Story

Guru Guide was founded by Patrice LaCroix with a vision to help aspiring and early-stage online entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses by assisting in the purchasing decisions of self-education products and online marketing tools. Patrice is an expert in corporate finance helping start-ups through multi-billion dollar global companies grow profits and has been blogging since 2008. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA.

The growth of influencer and affiliate marketing combined with the ease of creating online courses has made finding trustworthy products more difficult. The idea for Guru Guide came to Patrice after hearing a story about people losing $500 from an influencer who disappeared half way through delivery of a course marketed to teach others how to be influencers.

One of the defrauded customers voiced frustration in the buying process and said, “There is no Tripadvisor for these kinds of courses.”

The idea for Guru Guide was born.

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