What Is Guru Guide (And Is It Right for You)?

what is guru guide patrice lacroix

Are you an online entrepreneur or content creator who spends way too much time Googling things like… 

  • How to drive traffic to a website
  • Best courses for affiliate marketing
  • How to get Instagram followers
  • Best email marketing service
  • How to monetize a blog
  • How to create a digital course

If this sounds like you, then read on to learn about Guru Guide and how we can help you.

What is Guru Guide?

Guru Guide is a product discovery and review platform for everything online entrepreneurs and content creators need.

Think of it like a Yelp or TripAdvisor for courses, conferences, memberships and tools related to making money online.

You can search for products and read customer reviews to make confident purchasing decisions. 

No more spending hours on Google or asking questions on Facebook groups trying to find answers. 

Guru Guide is here to help you.

Information Available on Guru Guide

Guru Guide is your one stop shop for the finding courses, conferences, membership and tools you need to build and grow your online business. 

Here is what you will find on Guru Guide.

Product Directory

Guru Guide has a directory of hundreds of products in the categories below with descriptions, pictures, screen shots, videos and other information.


There is a course for everything online these days. I often joke that you can learn almost anything online, except maybe how to do heart surgery.

Guru Guide includes listings of online courses across over 30 categories.

Here are a few course favorites for you to check out.


Attending conferences is an amazing way to learn new skills from experts and even more importantly a place to meet and network with people from your industry.  

Conference listings are included in over 20 categories.

Note that during the COVID-19 pandemic many conferences are taking the year off or going virtual, however most are expected to be back live sometime in 2021.

guru guide conference categories

Check out these conferences to be ready to go back to live events when they start up again.


The number and type of memberships available is growing quickly.

guru guide membership categories

Here are a few of our favorite memberships.


There are hundreds of tools listed across dozens of categories and this area continues to evolve as new technology is developed.

guru guide tool categories

These essential tools are worth a look.


Do you trust the reviews and testimonials that companies list on their own website? Me neither.

That is similar to when I apply for a job and am asked to provide references. Of course I’m only going to give them the references from people who like me!

The sad truth is most companies moderate reviews and comments on their website and social media pages so it’s difficult to know what customers really think about a product or service.  

the sad truth is most companies moderate reviews and comments on their website and social media pages”

The reviews on Guru Guide are authentic and the product owners cannot pay to moderate, remove or reorder reviews.

Check out the reviews on each product page to learn about other people’s experiences to decide if the product is right for you and will deliver what is promised. 

guru guide product review example
Example of the summary of user ratings for a product listed on Guru Guide

You can also give back to the community by writing reviews of products you have used.

Blog Posts

New articles are posted weekly on the blog in a variety of topics.

  • Best lists
  • Product comparisons
  • How to guides
  • Business and online marketing tips
  • Entrepreneur interviews
  • Mindset tips
  • Updates on my journey in building this online business

Is Guru Guide Right For You

Do any of these describe you?

Or trying to make money online in any other way?

Are you overwhelmed by all the online marketing courses available?

Are you confused by technology and which tools you need to run your online business? 

Do you wonder if you’ll get the promised results from a course or membership?

Do you ask friends (including internet friends!) if it’s worth the time and money to attend a conference?

If you answered “yes” (or even “maybe”) to any of these questions, then Guru Guide is for you!

Who Started Guru Guide

My name is Patrice and I’m the one woman show behind Guru Guide. 

Patrice LaCroix
Hi! I’m Patrice.

First…let me tell you that I am not a guru! 

I’ve spent my entire career in the corporate finance world, but have always dreamed of owning my own business. I tried a couple side businesses along the way (a travel agency and a pet bakery) that never went anywhere.

Then I started blogging in 2008 just as a place to write about random things for my friends to read.

Over the years I have had five different blogs about some of my favorite topics…travel, personal finance, food, champagne, cocktails, clothes, my cats, my weight loss journey and anything else that came to mind.

None of my blogs ever got any traction and I only tried to monetize one of them.

I made zero dollars.

Here is a list of my former blogs that have come and gone…

Patrice's former blogs

So basically, I am an failed side hustle blogger who has spent way too much time on Google looking for information on how to build and grow a blog.

Don’t get me wrong. Google has EVERYTHING. However, it’s time consuming and this approach wasn’t working for me.

There had to be a better way.

Why I Started Guru Guide

While doing research for how to grow my last blog, a now defunct personal finance blog, I was looking into courses and other ways to learn online. 

It seemed everybody was selling something online and/or trying to teach others how to sell things online through a course. No matter what their niche, they wanted to sell a course to teach you how to do what they were doing. 

I read an article about an Instagram influencer who created a “how to be an influencer” course. It cost about $500 and was a drip type course that released content weekly.

Problem was that the instructor (the “influencer”) disappeared halfway through the course and the students did not receive the remainder of the course. This “influencer” took people’s money upfront for a course she had not yet created and then did not deliver. 

At the end of the article, one frustrated student said, “There is no Tripadvisor for these kinds of courses.” 

Right there was the start of Guru Guide.

There is no tripadvisor for these kinds of courses

– Unknown

It was true that there was no Tripadvisor for these kinds of digital courses. 

So I built it. 

However, not only just for courses, but also conferences, memberships and tools so online entrepreneurs and content creators can find everything needed in one place.

What’s Next?

Guru Guide’s goal is to help online entrepreneurs and content creators easily find products and then read user reviews to make confident purchasing decisions

Contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions or for help on choosing a course or product!  

Looking for a product or want to write a review? Check out the product directory.

Are you a product owner who wants to be listed on Guru Guide? Contact me to get your product listed

Looking for a specific course, conference, membership or tool?

Give the search bar a try…

Cheers to all you gurus in the making!

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